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Horse Leasing


Not sure if ownership is right for you?

Leasing is an easy and fun way to enjoy horse ownership without 

all the hassles of owning and up-keeping.


• No out of pocket cash for the horse purchase or vet check


• No need to buy expensive saddles


• Eliminates fear of buying a problem horse


• No vet or farrier bills


• Cheaper than monthly board


• Avoids reselling a horse if  interest fades -   

ours is a short-term commitment if necessary


$415 per month

Includes all fees associated with the horse.

Just come and ride!


You will be guaranteed at least four riding opportunities per week

with your leased horse.

Lesson students have first priority when lease horses become available.

You must be able to catch, handle, saddle your lease horse without supervision

or take lessons until you can reach this point on your own.


Three month minimum on lease horses

and be enrolled in our lesson program for the first 3 months.

Must be at least 16 years old for leasing

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