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Winter Workshop Series 2022

A Day at the Barn
January.22.2022 1-5 pm

Curious to know what goes on each day caring for horses?

Interested in working at a horse farm?

What is involved in keeping a horse at your place?

In this half day workshop you will learn how to safely and properly house a horse and find out what barn life is all about!


          *Feeds and feeding routines

          *Sourcing hay and forages

          *Turning out/in 

          *Stable Care

          *Health Checks/Exercise

          *Supplies/Equipment needed

            And much more!  


Hands on learning and will have plenty of info takeaways!

Barn aisle.jpg

What do you look for when searching for your first horse? 

What questions do you ask?

Where do you find the best prospect?

Do I need a vet to look at the horse?

These and 101 more questions will be answered in our half day together!

Learn of the many pitfalls of horse buying and how to avoid them!

We will cover:

       *Where to look for the perfect one

       *Expenses of ownership

       *Horse care necessities

       *Saddlery and equipment needed

       *General horsekeeping

       *First aid & when to call the vet


Bring all your questions and learn lots of ideas before starting on your horse buying journey.  

Wanna Be A Horse Owner?
February.12.2022 1-5 pm

horse barn 2.jpg
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